Miguel Piedrafita

Miguel Piedrafita

The Archive

This are articles from a past life, before I fell in love with crypto. To learn what I've been up to since, go here.

4 years ago4 min read

The Sitesauce Story

Today I'm launching Sitesauce. This is the story of what motivated me to build it and how I did it, with a little surprise at the end.

4 years ago6 min read

My Maker Spotlight Interview

I was recently interviewed for the Makerlog blog as part of their Maker Spotlight series. Here's an edited and updated version of that interview.

4 years ago4 min read

An interview on how I'm building Sitesauce

I was recently interviewed about my experience developing Sitesauce. Learn more about its stack, revenue, implementation strategy, marketing strategies, etc.

4 years ago6 min read

My first conference

This summer, I attended LaraconEU Amsterdam. It was my first conference ever, and I had a great time. Here's my attempt at describing my experience.

5 years ago3 min read

I redesigned my website (2019 Edition)

And I hope you like it! Come learn more about what inspired me to do it, some details, and what I have planned for this summer.

5 years ago1 min read

How to add tasks to Things from Android

Things is an awesome task manager whose only downside is the lack of an Android app. To overcome this limitation, I've built a simple work-around.

5 years ago5 min read

Building a product in a week

How did it occur to me to build a product in a week? And how did I manage to do it? The history of Blogcast and everything that went in its development.

5 years ago2 min read

GitHub Interviewed me about UnMarkDocs

I was contacted by GitHub for an interview about used their API to build UnMarkDocs. They didn't end up using it, so I thought I'd do it myself.

5 years ago2 min read

Installing Ghost on Heroku

Learn how to get Ghost up-and-running on Heroku for free and in under a minute.

5 years ago0 min read

An extension to remind us it's just HTML

With the internet full of amazing sites, it's easy to forget that everything's just HTML. I built an extension in less than an hour to bring that perspective back.

5 years ago1 min read

On Async Productivity

After getting bad grades for not being able to concentrate to study, I started researching productivity, focus and how to avoid distractions.

5 years ago2 min read

Laravel GraphQL Gotchas

Lighthouse makes creating a GraphQL API with Laravel a breeze. I wrote about the problems I encountered and the solutions I found so you don't have to.

5 years ago1 min read

Should you be using Discord instead of Slack?

You may have seen some Slack -> Discord migrations recently, and you may be wondering if you should move too. Here's what you need to know before deciding.

6 years ago4 min read

An interview on Growing UnMarkDocs

I did an interview for the ‘Guest Hustle’ Zero to Grow publication  about how I'm sharing UnMarkDocs with the world.

6 years ago10 min read

Building a Laravel Blog App with Fly

When building multi-tenant apps, you may have found you need to allow users to add custom domains. Learn how to do this with Laravel and Fly.